Friday, December 18, 2015

December 18, 2015 Starting Again and Catching Up

There are so many things I always want to say to the noone in particular, just need to get out what I'm thinking and this has always been the best way for me. So, maybe I'll start again. Maybe I'll make one or two posts and feel better and won't need it any more. Or maybe I'll make one or two posts and just realize the million other things I have to be doing and give it up. I used to be really good at follow through, keeping up with things, those days are gone.

I realized that my last post was when B turned 3. In a few short months she will be 5 so I owe a post to her. And I had a draft of a post from when January that I never finished so I just posted that too so I won't forget all these important things when I look back upon my life and wonder where the time went. It's incomplete. But it's there. The past few years have been hard. Maybe I didn't blog about them because I really didn't want to remember the details. But I remember the details, maybe not the specific week we tried a different medication or the week we went to a particular doctor, but I remember the details.

So here we go again, chronicling our life. Maybe I'll add a little more about life and not always write about the kids. Or maybe that is life so I won't have too much more to say. I don't expect anyone to read but maybe it will feel good to let it all out.

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