Saturday, January 5, 2013

Accessories - January 4, 2013

So Conner had his annual eye doctor appointment yesterday. He has been seeing an eye doctor since he was a wee little babe...I think he probably weighed less than 2 pounds the first time his eyes were dilated. He used to get checked every week and gradually that has spaced out and now we only go once a year. The eye doctor we see is fair...I'm sure he is a great doctor but his bedside manner is not my favorite. Anyway, at least Conner doesn't mind him so much and sort of cooperates. So last year, he said Conner has an astigmatism in both eyes and will probably need glasses at some point. I filed that away thinking maybe when he was a responsible teenager. Well the appointment was going great yesterday. I was so impressed with how well Conner did. For the first time, he did the test with the letters, covering one eye, etc. I thought he could see just fine. The doctor said his eyes look great. The scar tissue and stuff from his eye surgeries way back when still look really good (which is always excellent news and so reassuring). I thought we were going to make a clean getaway. But then out it came..."I'm giving Conner a prescription."

I know lots of kids wear glasses and I know they will look cute on my little guy...I just know that he is NOT the picture of responsibility and he HATES things on his face. When we were trying out some different pairs, we could hardly keep them on him long enough to look in the mirror. The doctor (and David and I) are hoping he will have the rest of this school year and summer to adjust to them so that he won't have problems with them once he starts kindergarten.

This came just hours before PT. Conner has a great PT. He had the same therapist for a few years and we loved her but after taking a year off, started up at a different location and found a therapist that Conner loves just as much. Anyway, the therapist keeps bringing up the idea of some splints for Conner. We talk about it every week. We have also talked a bit about serial casting but the splints seem like her first choice. We have to start thinking seriously about it. It makes me sick. I wish we would have done it sooner. I wish I knew if they would help him at all. So next week, she is going to do some measurements and we are going to make a decision. I think.

Again, not a big deal but just another thing for Conner and us to keep track of. I'm going to try to think of them as his accessories. Like part of his outfit or something. I'm going to pray that kids are supportive for at least a few more years and Conner is spared from the mean-ness of school aged kids for a bit longer. I have already witnessed teasing that comes along with stuttering. It's not easy to explain to a 5 year old who wants to love everyone. I think it was just a hard day for me. One minute, I think everything is going great, Conner is making great progress, maybe some day he won't need as much therapy. And then 2 things in one day (and a couple hundred dollars later). We will do anything to help Conner achieve anything possible though so we will just keep plugging along. Today was a better day.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!

It's 2013. I haven't made a blog post in over 6 months. My last post was about preschool graduation for C. So much has changed and been going on since then. Not sure why I gave up updating. I should do a better job. I'm never going to remember all the stuff that has happened since then. Well, once again, I will try to start the year off right and do some regular updates so I can keep track of stuff.

Conner is a few weeks from being 5 1/2 years. Brennan is a few days from being 22 months. Crazy how fast time has flown by. Conner is repeating Pre-K at a new school and is really doing great. It's hard socially, making new friends all over again, but he is doing well in school and has 2 excellent teachers.

The last week and a half, Conner has been off school. I wish we could say we did something really exciting but we really haven't. Both kids have had colds the entire break. C did get to go to a few fun places, a few movies, a Children's Museum and an arcade a few times. He really does so much better in a routine and staying busy so breaks are hard on him. He still had his therapies so at least that stayed the same.

As for little Miss B, she has been doing good. She has good days and bad. She's VERY picky and has an opinion about everything. Even without so much talking, she still gets across what she wants.

In 2012, we took a trip to Mackinac Island, Grand Rapids and another road trip to Florida (to Disney). We met Laurie Berkner (used to be one of Conner's favorite singers!), raised almost $4000 for The Friendship Circle of Michigan, participated in Dance Marathon at UofM for the 2nd year and Conner even got to go tree climbing.

Conner has continued to love school and all of his therapists and works harder than any kid in his class to do every task (according to his teachers). He is (mostly) a really good kid. He loves going to the movies, still loves trains and going to Greenfield Village. He has changed a lot this year in to a big kid. He has been dealing with dysfluency (stuttering) for over 1 year now so we are pretty sure that it is not just a developmental phase but a permanent problem that he will have to learn to deal with. I will save that for another post. He loves to eat almost everything and although he went through a phase when he wanted PB and J for every meal, he doesn't really ask for it any more. He LOVES sushi. I'd say that's really his favorite food if he could pick. Conner likes to play with my iPad in waiting rooms and still loves being read to. He also loves anything Disney and Kidz Bop music. He is very creative and likes to pretend play with just about everything. He is getting in to board games and got a few new ones this year that we have been playing with. He's a pretty fun little dude!

Brennan has grown up so much this year. She loves to play with her babies and anything that Conner has. She has absolutely no interest in TV or videos at all but somehow she knows Elmo and LOVES him. She also really loves books and we read them over and over all day. She loves music and loves to dance. I can't wait to get her in to a dance class (if she wants...when she gets older of course!). Even though she can be challenging, she is also so much fun. She has such a cute smile and giggle. She is so picky about what she eats and likes snacks more than meals. We just keep trying. She likes yogurt, yogurt raisins, frozen yogurt (see the trend?!) and veggie straws. She does like pizza sometimes and turkey and cheese roll ups like Conner. Tonight, she actually willingly ate raw broccoli. It was so strange...but maybe she's growing up!

For David and me, this year has been okay. We would like to get out more just the two of us but it's hard. We are hoping that 2013 is great for all of us. Looking forward to making some changes for all of us.

Highlights from 2012 in no particular order:

Happy New Year to all our family and friends...I'm sure noone is reading us any more, but maybe it will pick up in the new year!