Monday, March 10, 2014

B turns 3!!

Our little B turned 3. It's so hard to believe that she is already three years old. I always remind myself to try to treasure every moment because it goes by so fast but then I don't really do it. It flies by. I feel like she was just a baby, learning to roll over and in a blink of any eye she has become a sassy 3 year old.

My 3 year old:
Favorite food: Sushi (chicken roll and edamame) and hot dogs. Brennan is a picky eater. She is hesitant to try new foods and judges everything by what it looks like...if it's not pretty she won't eat it! She likes carrots and cucumbers and most fruit so she eats that several times a day. This area is definitely a work in progress.

Favorite toy: She loves her dolls, princesses, and crafty stuff (coloring, play doh, stickers, stamps) but she absolutely loves playing with the Magna Tiles with her big brother.

Best buddy: "Conn" (short for Conner!), Cassidy, Lexi and Kendall. She loves playing with her friends at school, ballet and her other class.

When she grows up: She still wants to be a princess and she told me that I am the queen. She loves playing Doc McStuffins so maybe she will be a nurse like me or even a doctor some day! Or, maybe she will actually be a princess!

Favorite Disney Character: Sleeping Beauty (because she is the pink one...never seen the movie!), Doc McStuffins

Other favorite characters: Strawberry Shortcake and friends, Pinkalicious

Favorite color: PINK, and purple and blue and rainbow (the blue and rainbow are because that is what Conner always says and she wants to be just like her big brother!)

Favorite TV shows: Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and more recently, Dora and Bubble Guppies

Favorite Songs: Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (from Frozen), Girl on Fire, Anything sung by Minnie Mouse!

We are going to the pediatrician in a few weeks so I will get B's current weight and height. I know she is over 30 lbs but not sure exactly.

 celebrating her birthday at school
so proud to be holding the kiddish cup!

Our girl can be so sweet and snuggly, but she is also SO sassy. She has some killer temper tantrums about little stuff and I'm hoping we will get through this phase quickly. It is no fun. She talks and talks and has says really funny things. We love hearing her little voice. She goes back and forth throughout the day on which parent she wants to be with. Sometimes all she wants is me and sometimes all she wants is her dad. At bedtime, she uses it as a game to stay up longer. B gave up her naps a few months ago. She still is tired in the day, but when she naps, she can't sleep at night. Sometimes she will take a quick nap in the car, but mostly she is done. I miss the time in the afternoon when I could get some stuff done, but B has become a good date in the afternoons. We have a lot more time to be together and she is a GREAT helper. She loves to help grocery shop and put stuff away, she cleans up her toys (sometimes) and likes to help with laundry and cook. She makes us crazy a few times a day, but makes us smile about 100 times more! She loves to do everything "all by myself" and has figured out how to do so many things on her own through her stubbornness.

Brennan hates loud noises and is scared of new situations and people. She can be very shy, although she has gotten a little better recently. She takes a little less time to warm up than she used to. She is terrified of anything that might have a restaurants where there is a fireplace or a flame of any kind. She covers her ears when something is too loud and is especially afraid of toilets flushing. Not sure if this has anything to do with her complete resistance to going to the potty but it is so frustrating. She is dry when she wakes up in the morning but refuses to go in the potty. I'm trying not to push it because I want her to be ready but we are definitely tired of diapers and I know that physically she is ready.

School is going well and she has made some nice friends. She has learned her colors and is learning letters this year. We are looking forward to seeing how she progresses in the next year. She is still taking a dance class one day a week and another class on Thursdays. She loves both so we will probably keep those up. She wants to learn gymnastics and loves swimming so maybe over the summer we will try some of those things out.

We celebrated B's birthday all weekend and she felt very special and was very grateful to all the people who helped her celebrate and gave her such wonderful gifts.

B is a beautiful child that brings so much to our lives. She is a great addition to our family and a great best friend for her brother. They love each other so much. Although she has reached a challenging age, she is fun and wonderful and we love her so much. Happy 3rd Birthday little B!!